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Engine 89 F250 fummins mud truck project - $2200

89 F250 Fummins fun project basically its an 89 F250 with a 12 v Turbo Cummins diesel engine has transmission sitting in the back of the truck 20 in rockstar rims and 40 in military tires all the way around make a offer willing to do some swapping and trading let me know what ...

For Sale

Fummins 1996 F250 OBS 12 valve Cummins Fummins - $16000 (Moscow Mills)

1996 F250 with a 12 valve inter cooled Cummins. Truck runs and drives great. Has the ford zf5 and transfer case with a south bend clutch. Very clean truck inside with power windows and locks. Engine runs very strong with no blow by.Just passed safety inspection.

75\" x 13\" x 11\" while our more compact square crates measure 13” x 13” x 11”. There is just enough room to walk by the crates. I was buying the crates to hold one gallon water containers.No thanks Close CUMMINS + FORD = FUMMINS!!!! THE ULTIMATE FORD TRUCK!!!! Loading. No thanks Close The Builder || F-350 Fummins Loading.

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