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For Sale

Product Gast Breathing Air Supply System - $230 (Riverview)

for Sale - Gast Breathing Air Supply System in good working condition.

For Sale

Air Mako Containment Fill Station Breathing Air Fire SCBA SSCFS3-4HP - $6000 (Boulder)

I have two Mako SSCFS3-4H Fill Containment Stations. 3 Position. New these were over 10K each. $6000 ea or best offer. 5500PSI Max.MAKO SSCFS3-4HP Stationary Fill Containment System. Two available. Appear to be clean and low hours. Weight roughly 1700lbs per unit. Sold AS-IS - No Warranty.MAKOs ...


LW 100 E Breathing Air Compressor for SCUBA SCBA Paintball Tank Fill

Photo LW 100 E Breathing Air Compressor for SCUBA SCBA Paintball Tank Fill

The LW 100 E The LW 100 E is a lightweight and portable high-pressure air compressor capable of delivering breathing quality air for SCUBA, Firefighting, Paintball, and industrial air applications. Manufactured in Germany by Lenhardt & Wagner, it has been engineered to the ...

For Sale

Service HOBBYAIR 2 remote air breathing pump w two masks (USA made) - $250 (North Salinas)

This is a USA-made HOBBYAIR 2 remote breathing air system with two masks. One mask covers the mouth and nose only, and the others a full face mask that includes the eyes as well.This system allows a person to work with chemicals that give off nasty fumes, such as body-shop ...

For Sale

Breathing air compressor Scott presur Air Pak II full setup Breathing Apparatus respiration - $300 (SW Portland)

Hi I have a Scott safety Air pak II self contained compressed air breathing apparatus. It comes with the mask, regulator tank and tank holder with straps and tank. Everything is in good condition the mask looks very nice and comes with case as well. There are many Potental ...

Bauer has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for over 60 years. 00 or Best Offer 12 watching This compressor is in good working condition. 99 or Best Offer 11 watching BAUER DIVE COMPRESSOR breathing AIR SCUBA, PAINTBALL.

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