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For Sale

Beehive box Nucleus Beehive Box - Nuc - $30 (Palm Harbor)

5 frame NUC boxes. Use for your hive, splits, swarms, traps or resources for production bee hives. These are new boxes that I make for my own use and sell excess to supplement my beekeeping hobby. Price is per box and firm. Sorry no bees included Framesfoundation not included. ...

For Sale

Hives Long box beehive similar to Top Bar - $40 (GAINESVILLE)

Recently inspected beehive for sale. No Bees or frames. Holds 22 langstroth size deep frames, 18 wooden ones and 4 flow hive plastic ones. Try your hand at making honey and not needing an extractor Has 4 built-in Queen excluders to keep the worker bees out of the flow frames. ...

It is also easy to install this bee hive box kit. Vented inner cover also ensures free air circulation within the hive box. Of the BuildaBeehive 10-Frame Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit.

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